You can still see Lee Ann Womack on Wednesday or Thursday at the Kessler; SRO tix are still available

Country-music wonder Lee Ann Womack (PHOTOS: John Scarpati)
Country-music wonder Lee Ann Womack (PHOTOS: John Scarpati)

If you’re a country-music fan, you owe it to yourself and your ears to be at the Kessler Theater in Oak Cliff on Wednesday (May 6) or Thursday (May 7) to see Lee Ann Womack (with special guest Adam Hood). The May 7 show sold out quickly, and the May 6 show was added and those tickets also sold whip-fast.

BUT — and this is a big but (with apologies to Queen) — you can still get standing-room tickets with unobstructed views of the stage, either stage right or left, for only $24. Run now to your computer, click and do that! She is so totally worth standing for a couple of hours. I’d stand for her for four hours if she’d sing that long. You know her from “I Hope You Dance,” surely, if nothing else, but her entire catalog is worth listening to repeatedly, and I do.

The cover of Lee Ann Womack’s latest CD.

She’s touring in support of her latest CD, Sugar Hill Records’ The Way I’m Livin’, which embodies all of Lee Ann’s fabulous vocal qualities, and also her knack for picking the best songs from some of the country’s best singer-songwriters. The new CD includes work by Hayes Carll, Mindy Smith and Buddy Miller, among others.

Lee Ann, a Grammy Award winner, has been singled out for “the clarity of a soul that realizes loss is a form of purification, a scraping away of false ideals and excess emotional baggage,” by The New York Times. In other words, this woman is The Real Deal.

Don’t miss your chance to see her in the Kessler’s gloriously intimate, acoustically rich setting. On both nights, the bar opens at 6 p.m., theater doors open at 7 and the show starts at 8. The Kessler’s in the heart of Oak Cliff, at 1230 W. Davis St. For more information, call the Kessler at 214-272-8346. And here’s that link again for tickets:


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